UV and LED Nail Lamps Compared and Differences

UV and LED Nail Lamps compared and differences will allow the potential customer to make informed choices. Basically, gel nail polish is cured (or dried) by UV wavelengths hitting the molecules in the gel which then activates them to become cured (or dried). UV nail lamps emit broad UV wavelengths which works on ALL gel polishes but these type of wavelengths make the gel polish take longer to cure, typically 90 to 120 seconds. LED nail lamps emit narrow UV wavelengths and these narrow wavelengths target the gel polish molecules to cure faster, typically 30 to 60 seconds.

In summary, UV and LED Nail Lamps compared demonstrates you can use a UV lamp for all gel nail varnishes and this is important if you enjoy a selection of gel polish brands that include UV only brands e.g. Star Nail Eco gels or CND Shellac. However most brands on the market can be cured using a UV and LED nail lamp including brands such as OPI Gel, IBD just gel and Gellux to name a few. Please be aware that standard nail polish (lacquer) does not require a UV or GEL nail lamp.

UV and LED Nail Lamps Further Considerations

LED nail lamps are generally more expensive however it is becoming less common to be able to buy a UV lamp only which works with all gel nail polish brands and this is because advances in technology means that today’s modern nail lamps are mostly UV and GEL combined lamps. This saves the consumer the confusion of knowing the best lamp and they only need to check the description on the gel nail polish if it is UV or LED only or both.

Here are a few examples of UV and LED Nail Lamps to consider from Amazon.

UV and LED Nail Lamps Wattage and Sensors

Higher wattage does not mean a better nail lamp but how much electricity the bulbs use therefore you don’t really need to compare wattage however be careful of wattage below 10w as this type of nail lamp may not cure LED polishes. Look for UV or LED nail lamps that have timer features to set a custom programme or have all the preset features that you need. This is easier than timing it yourself.

Here are a few examples of UV and LED Nail Lamps to consider from EBay.

UV and LED Nail Lamps Bulbs and Size

LED lamps are fitted with bulbs that never need replacing and can last up to 50,000 hours whereas bulbs in UV nail lamps vary and last around 100 hours and the bulbs need replacing. When purchasing a UV or LED nail lamp remember some lamps only fit four fingers so look for nail lamps that can fit one full hand manicure and a removable bottom to do a full foot pedicure.

Here are a few examples of UV and LED Nail Lamps to consider from other online Retailers.

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