Terresa Professional UV LED Gel Nail Lamps

The Terresa Professional UV LED Gel Nail Lamps are designed to be fast drying and to save 70% of the time for curing gel nails. In comparison to other nail salon lamps the Terresa 72 watt UV LED nail lamps take less time to cure or dry gel nails. See manufacturers instructions. The Terresa Nail Lamps have enough space to cure all five fingernails or toenails at once.  Terresa UV LED nail dryers consist of 180 degree multi-angle light beads allowing you to dry the whole hand or foot evenly, without worrying about the sides not curing. LED nail lamps are an essential manicure pedicure product for your professional salon or home salon and look at our nail lamps compared guide to get more information on the gel nail lamp you require.

Terresa UV LED Gel Nail Lamps work very well with all gel nail polish brands and resin. The UV nail light is almost curable for all nail gels, such as UV therapy gel, extended gel, LED nail polish gel, hard builder gel, sculpture gel and gem glue. Examples of gel polish brands promoted on this website include Halo gel nails, Lavender Violets gel nails and Beetles gel nail polish. Also look out for gel nail topcoats and basecoats and nail tool kit accessories to give you that perfect manicure and pedicure. Compare prices for Terresa Professional UV LED Gel Nail Lamps below.

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About Terresa Professional UV LED Gel Nail Lamps

Terresa Professional UV LED Gel Nail Lamps are simply operated with a clear Timer Design and LCD Display. Terresa gel nail lights with auto-sensor for on/off (no switch). When you place your hands in the professional uv led nail lamp it turns the light on and when you take your hand out the light switches off. The Teresa nail lamp comes on automatically for 30,60,120 seconds and has a time memory function without pressing any buttons. Get the ‘Salon Experience at Home’ with this Terresa Nail Lamp or buy it for your salon as part of your beauty salon equipment and furniture and save time.

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