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The BeautyItemsOnline website is your one stop shop for all nail care needs. Discover, today, many well known brands at extremely competitive prices. Indulge in a fabulous choice of polygel, gel or acrylic nail products from your favourite brands in many beautiful colours and finishes. Your beautiful nails need the support of many nail accessories. Look through my website today for these nail accessories including nail lamps, nail manicure tools, nail preparation products, nail brushes for nail application and nail art and many other nail supplies, accessories, nail polishes, treatments and tools.

Nail Beauty Posts

Click on the link to read about, and buy, the individual products. There are many different types of nail beauty products for your Manicure and Pedicure. To make it easy to find them I have broken them down into separate categories. Use these links to check out the various nail beauty items that are available on the website.

About Nail Products and Manicure Pedicure Equipment

My nail beauty products are selected for those salons who wish to offer good reliable nail equipment to enhance a comfortable, professional and luxurious beauty Manicure and Pedicure. My nail beauty products and nail manicure supplies include manicure tool kits of all types from simple nail buffers to UV and LED nail lamps. All manicure and pedicure supplies should be reputable, safe and easy to use. Products are available for beauticians whether they work at home or in a beauty salon or hairdressers.  Above you will find all the pages relating to nail beauty products and nail equipment for manicures and pedicures. Click on a link to be taken to a page where you can compare nail beauty products and prices.

On the page you will be able to select the most suitable nail item for your salon or home and hopefully make a saving too. We display nail items from across the internet and from various online stores. Above, you will find gel nail polishes, and a choice of base and top coats. For the more adventurous try buying acrylic acrylic nail kits.  However the even more confident nail technician may wish to experiment with  fibreglass nail products, and then apply nail art with rhinestones or foils. Search through my website and find accessories, gel and acrylic nail brushes and tools and most nail equipment to enhance your business.

About the Website

The website has been created to promote the latest new and exciting beauty items. Data is collected from across the internet and various online suppliers and retailers and displayed in a list format in order for you to compare prices. Make sure you review the current savings on beauty items which can be found by clicking on the SAVINGS image or the page in the main menu. Offers change on a daily basis so to keep up to date with the latest offers follow me on Twitter, search for @luxury_gems from your Twitter page.