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There is a great choice Nail Brands UK for your manicure and pedicure so lets look at a brief summary of what is out there for nails. So you have a set of natural nails and you wish to make them different. First simple choice is ordinary nail polish for which there are many brands and are found in most high street stores. Nail polish is also known as nail lacquer and is usually applied at home without the use of nail lamps. Next option for longer lasting nails is to opt for Gel nails. This is a longer lasting nail product that needs to be cured using an LED UV nail lamp. This type of nail manicure is mostly done at a nail salon and the gel nail product is not easily found on the high street. After this are the more complicated options for nails and normally applied at a nail salon and include acrylic nails, fibreglass nails, hard gel nails or polygel nails.

Nail polish brands UK include OPI, Sally Hansen, Essie, Maybelline, Rimmel and many, many more. Gel nail brands include Gellish, Gellux, Halo gel nails, Lavender Violets, Beetles nails and more. Acrylic kit brands UK include The Edge, NSI acrylic nails, Halo acrylic nails and Mia Secret nails. However for something different try Fibreglass nails from brands such as ASP nails, Star Nails, The Edge fibreglass nails and Sinful. Polygel brands include Halo polygel extensions, Gellish and Modelones. Hard Gel brands UK include Star and Gellish. There are many brands out there and Iwill endeavour to write up as many of the main brands as possible, over time of course.

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When you have chosen the type of nail and nail brand for your there are other products to consider such as nail top and base gel coats, manicure and pedicure equipment,  nail art kits, acrylic nail brushes, nail art brushes  and so much more. Gel nail polishes, nail varnishes, acrylic nail finishes, polygel and hard gel nails all provide you with a fabulous spectrum of stunning colours and high quality finishes and you are guaranteed to achieve the perfect manicure and pedicure every time. You’re sure to find a nail polish for every occasion, easy to apply and in some cases, cure in 60 seconds under standard UV and LED lamps. Many brands of different nail products are available and most can be easily removed using gentle nail manicure tools and acetone removers.

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It is easy to find your favourite nail products by using the search icon on the top right menu where you can look for your favourite brands such as Lavender Violets gel polish and Halo gel nail polish. For acrylic nails why not try NSI nail kits. Mia is a very popular brand so checkout Mia Secret acrylic liquid,. There is CND nail varnish but then to cure gel nails go for a Terresa uv led lamp.