Hairdryers Compared and Explained

The Hairdryers Compared and Explained guide is to give a simple explanation of hairdryers and show a selection at various price points. Hairdryers are a must have piece of hair equipment for the majority of men as part of their male grooming routine and women as part of their daily hair beauty routine. Blow dryers were the original hairdryers, used in salons, and were invented in the late 19th century. The handheld, household hairdryers first appeared in 1920. Most hairdryers consist of electric heating coils and a fan. Modern day hairdryers tend to have ceramic heating elements because of their instant heat capability. This means it takes less time for the hairdryers to heat up and for the hair to dry. The early hairdryers were only capable of using 100 watts but this increased the amount of time needed to dry the hair which was very inconvenient. Today’s hairdryers average upto 2000 watts of heat giving very quick drying times for the modern user.

Most of the hairdryers of today have heat, normal mode and cool buttons. The heat button dries the hair whilst the normal mode button turns off the heater and blows room temperature air which helps to maintain the hairstyle by setting it. The colder air reduces frizz and can help promote shine in the hair. See the ghd air hairdryer as an example. When looking to purchase a hairdryer compare prices for hairdryers below but first read the considerations next.

Considerations on Cheap vs Expensive Hairdryers Compared

The main difference between expensive hairdryers compared to cheap hairdryers is in the technology. For example, many higher end models have ceramic technology in their heating systems which means the hair dryer generates more gentle heat that will be less likely to damage your hair. Comparatively, cheap hairdryers tend to have a simple heater that can dry your hair but leaves it lifeless.

More expensive hair dryers promote ionic technology meaning the ions help to break up the water molecules so that you will have a shorter drying time. With less time being exposed to the heat, your hair will also be less likely to suffer from damage. Therefore, the technology that goes into a hairdryer compared to the technology of a cheaper hairdryer plays a huge part in determining the price. Cheaper hairdryers just blow out hot air and this heat combined with airflow then dries the hair. However, expensive hairdryers have their own unique technology incorporated into the design so that the heat and airflow that they give out is more suited for hair care.

In general expensive hairdryers have more and better features compared to cheaper hairdryers. This includes more control options to to customise the fan, heat and ionic settings. This means you are in total control over how much airflow, heat and ions that you want which is a far cry than just a simple High and Low options. Luxury salon hairdryers will tend to use longer lasting and quieter motors and may be equipped with a brushless motor to give off less vibration for a quieter operation with a longer operating life. Cheaper models will tend to stick to the conventional AC or DC motors. The professional hairdryer models which tend to be more expensive will have a longer cord length. Hairdryers with extra long cord are necessary for stylists because they need to manouver the appliance around their client as they do their job. Finally, expensive hair dryers offer at least a 1 year warranty.

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