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Male Hair Scissors and Trimmers are basically hand operated shearing tools. A pair of scissors consists of a pair of metal blades pivoted so that the sharpened edges slide against each other when the handles opposite to the pivot are closed. Hairdresser scissors are specialised cutting shears and have specific blade angles ideal for cutting hair. Using the incorrect type of scissors to cut hair will result in increased damage or split ends, or both, by breaking the hair. Modern hairdresser scissors are ergonomically designed to enable the user to gain a precision grip. It is usual to find an ergonomic grip curve design so that the scissors for hairdresser the use of wrist and elbow and in turn hand fatigue. They are normally made of stainless steel with a smooth surface and convex edges, which will not damage or split hair ends. And so smooth hair cutting is achieved when using wet or dry hair scissors.

For hairdressers and barbers who are engaged in cutting hair on a daily basis, hair trimmers or scissors have to be the most important tools of the trade. Scissors can be either right handed or left handed. The complete range of quality scissors of various types includes traditional styles of hair scissors and shears, thinning or texturising scissors and barbers scissors. Hairdresser scissors range in size from about 4 to 10 inches long and blade edge designs are convex edge or beveled. Compare prices for hairdressers scissors below.

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Hair scissors are very important tools of the hairdresser and barber trade. Also known as hair cutting shears, these scissors are specifically designed for cutting hair. Hair cutting shears are distinguished by being significantly sharper than standard scissors. Shears typically range in size from about 4 to 10 inches long. They frequently feature a finger brace or ‘tang’, which gives the hairdresser extra control when cutting. Hairdresser scissors include thinning scissors and left-handed hairdressing scissors. Examples of leading brands include Beautytrack, Dovo, Jaguar, Joewell, Tondeo, Kasho, Koi and Yasaka. Checkout other male grooming products to complement your hair scissors. Checkout our haircut guide for men to help you use your scissors.

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