Haircut Guide for Men

Useful Haircut Guide for the First Hair Trimming Procedure

It is not a secret that cutting your own hair at home can save you lots of money. The haircut guide will help you decide to change your style completely or just help to touch up your haircut so as to give it a neat look until your next trip to the barbers. A hair clipper can make the trimming and styling process so much easier and become your ultimate assistant. However, unless you want the shortest haircut, it is not only a clipper that you will need. You will find most haircut appliances come with multiple attachments and other accessories.

Haircut Guide for Men – Tools you will need

Assorted guide combs will help you choose the desired haircut length, usually up to 25-30 mm. If you want a longer haircut, you will need a pair of scissors which are sometimes also included. There are haircut appliance sets that include left and right ear tapers allowing you to have the hair around your ears cut neatly and easily. Finally, some appliances come with beard trimming attachments for more comprehensive self-care. A versatile hair clipper with multiple useful accessories is a must have trimmer to experiment with your style.

Haircut Guide for Men – How to cut your own hair

So, you have got all the required tools and are ready for the first trimming procedure. Following these simple tips, you will be able to cut your own hair quickly, neatly, and easily.

  1. First of all, make sure all the tools you might need are close at hand.
  2. Then, wash your hair using the shampoo suitable for your hair type.
  3. If you have straight hair, the best option is to cut it wet; if you have curly hair, just dampen it so that its curling pattern is not concealed.
  4. In case you are going to use a haircut machine, do not forget to read the manual before you trim.
  5. Cut your hair in the opposite direction of its growth.
  6. Use the longest haircut setting if your hair is long. When you are done, just change the attachment to the one that provides shorter trimming, if needed.
  7. Back, side and top styling is to be done in the end. For example, you can do one side, then go to the other, and finish with the back. In most cases, it is recommended to use the shortest comb guides when trimming sideburns or around the ears.
  8. When doing the back of your head, a secondary mirror will come in handy. It is the hardest part for many, so if you can, ask someone to help you. If you can’t, put your free hand on your head back and try to use it as a guide, dragging the hair clipper alongside it.
  9. For trimming the head top, longer haircut settings are usually used.
  10. To make the transition between lengths, use in-between numbers of comb guides.
  11. Work slowly when it comes to fine detailing to make both sides look symmetrical.
  12. When the job is done, take a careful look at your new hairstyle and trim any uneven hair if necessary.

With a high quality haircut trimmer, trimming your hair is pretty simple, however, like anything in this world, it requires practice. Even if trimming took longer than you expected for the first time, every next session will be faster and easier. In any case, using a hair trimmer, you will be able to save money on visiting the barbershop. And, probably, one day, you may even get inspired for creating new exclusive hairstyles. Search for your favourite brands such as  Remington, Wahl, Braun, Philips, Babyliss, L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, Max Factor, Clinique and Brickell amongst more. Checkout male grooming product brands to complement your haircut.

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