Hair Trimmers and Clippers Guide

This Hair Trimmers and Clippers Guide is a general guide helping you to choose the best hair trimmers for your needs. Every man with even a morsel of hair left should own a set of  hair trimmers or shears. You may go years without using them, but it’s the kind of hair cutting tool that you never know you need until you need it. However if you have one of the three most prevalent men’s hair styles, the buzz cut, crew cut, or the short back and sides,  hair trimmers can become a dependable part of your routine. Owning a set of good quality clippers means you can easily keep shorter hairstyles maintained from home, allowing you to tidy  or remove your long or short hair altogether.

Choosing hair clippers or trimmers can be tricky. Without doing thorough research on popular brands and learning the key features, you might find it really difficult to pick a model that will be right for you. However, after reading this guide, hopefully it will be much easier to make the right choice.

What Features to Compare

Before choosing a hair clipper and trimmer, consider how often you’re going to use it. If you plan to use it on a regular basis (for example, if you work as a barber in a salon), it is important to opt for a pro-grade and multi functional hair cutting device. Not only will it cut through any hair type with ease but also it will do that very quickly saving you plenty of time and effort. If you are just trying the odd hair trim at home and need an inexpensive device, buying a hair trimmer will be enough. Though not as powerful as hair cutting sets, they offer decent functionality and will be enough for most trimming needs.

Motor Type

There are three types – rotary, pivot and magnetic. Generally, hair clippers with a rotary or pivot motor are the most powerful and  suitable for professional hair trimming use. They can easily tackle hair of any length, thickness and coarseness. They also come with adjustable blades allowing for hassle free disinfection, replacement and clean up after use. So, a rotary motor is advised as a reliable and durable haircut product for regular use. Hair trimmer models with a magnetic motor are perfect for home use, a little noisy but are cheap and  gives up to 20-30 minutes use, which will be enough for a mens hair cut session.


Most of the hair cutting model sets  come with a number of additional accessories so as to customise your haircut and they allow you to change and vary how much hair you would like to cut. Make sure to take a look at the kit and check what lengths come included. This is especially important for those who work with different hair lengths.

Power Source

There are haircut trimmers that work off the mains, use batteries and rechargeable ones. The most powerful trimmers and clippers are those that work off the mains. They not only can cut hair more quickly but also they do not tend to heat and can be used for a prolonged time without a break. The only shortcoming is that you need to have a power socket nearby. Also, it’s worth checking out the cord since if it’s too short, you will be limited in movement. Hair clippers with built in batteries will be a valuable option for those who seek portability. They provide flexibility of use and will be great for hair, beard grooming and trimming body hair. Plus, they offer decent run time, allowing you to use them for around 30-60 minutes on one charge. When it comes to rechargeable hair trimming models, these combine the advantages of the two and will suit both professional and home use.

Additional Features

Finally, you should make sure the hair clipper product you choose is convenient to use. Consider its size, weight and overall design. It should have an ergonomic build to fit in your hand comfortably and cause no discomfort or fatigue during use. Many models have rubberized handles to ensure a firm grip on the tool. You can also find hair trimming models with  a ‘vacuum cleaner’ function which sucks up all cut hair so no need to clean floors after each professional haircut. Maintenance is next where some hair clippers have a waterproof design and can be rinsed with water, but others will require cleaning with a special brush and regular oiling.

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