Guide on Hair Clipper Products for Men

This Hair Clipper Guide is a general guide helping you to choose the best hair trimmers for your needs. Every man with even a tiny bit of hair left should own a set of  hair trimmers or shears. You may go years without using them, but it’s the kind of hair cutting tool that you never know you need until you need it. However if you have one of the three most prevalent men’s hair styles, the buzz cut, crew cut, or the short back and sides,  hair trimmers can become a dependable part of your routine. Owning a set of good quality clippers means you can easily keep shorter hairstyles maintained from home, allowing you to tidy  or remove your long or short hair altogether.

Choosing hair clippers or trimmers can be tricky. Without doing thorough research on popular brands and learning the key features, you might find it really difficult to pick a model that will be right for you. However, after reading this guide on three best selling hair trimmers, hopefully it will be easier to make the right choice.

Guide on Hair Clipper Products for Men Frequent or Infrequent Use

Before choosing a hair clipper and trimmer, consider how often you are going to use it. If you plan to use it on a regular basis, for example, if you work as a barber or hairdresser in a salon, it is important to opt for a pro-grade and multi functional hair hair cutting device. Not only will it cut through any hair type with ease but also it will do that very quickly saving you plenty of time and effort. If you are just trying the odd hair trim at home and need an inexpensive device, buying a hair trimmer will be enough. Though not as powerful as hair cutting sets, they offer decent functionality and will be enough for most trimming needs.

Guide on Hair Clipper Products for Men-Three Hair Trimmers Recommended in 2020 (and can obviously change)

Philips HC5450/83. Look through our choice of Philips hair clipper products available but meanwhile checkout this particular product which is available on Amazon. This Philips hair clipper has an ergonomic zoom wheel for easy adjustment of a cutting length. The zoom wheel with variable lengths from 1 mm up to 23 mm can help you get a neat haircut with no hassle thus making your haircut sharper and faster. This model can be used cordless or corded. Thus, it will give you a good range of motion when running on a battery or frustration free operation if you’ve forgotten to charge the battery before use. One hour charging gives 90 minutes of cordless runtime. For fast and efficient trimming of all hair types, the Philips hair trimmer model boasts self sharpening titanium blades, an innovative DualCut™ technology ensures minimum friction during trimming. Boost cutting speed by pressing a turbo power button for cutting of thick hair. The blades are easy to clean with water and require no oiling.  This allows you to enjoy fast and easy hair styling with little maintenance.

Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper Kit. Look through our choice of Wahl hair clipper products available but meanwhile checkout this particular product which is available on Amazon. The Wahl Elite Pro is a complete hair clipper kit and includes eight guide combs, scissors with a blade cover, a barber comb, and even a haircutting cape. The Wahl SECURE-FIT™ guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips are 70% stronger than conventional combs and therefore designed to last a long time. The hair clipper has a thumb adjustable taper lever (0.8 mm – 3 mm) allowing a fade technique on a back and sides haircut. The maximum cutting length with the attachment combs is 25 mm, so this Wahl trimmer model suits perfectly for buzz, crop, and fade hair cuts.  Meanwhile, using the included hair cutting scissors, you can experiment with various hairstyles. Equipped with a powerful motor that comes with a lifetime guarantee and high-precision self-sharpening blades, this hair trimmer will serve you for long years even in case of heavy use. The kit includes a brush for removing hairs from the blades and lubricating oil that will ensure their excellent performance and prolong the service life of the whole unit.

Remington HC4250. Look through our choice of Remington products available but meanwhile checkout this particular product which is available on Amazon. This Remington hair clipper looks and feels different due to the fact that this unconventional design is meant to make male grooming and trimming a snap. The blade is pretty wide, which means you can trim more hairs with one movement. Also, thanks to the CurveCut blade technology, this haircut device follows the contours of your head, making trimming your hair fast and simple. The Remington trimmer fits comfortably in your hand and the risk of dropping it is minimal. In addition to trimming, the hair clipper is also perfect for grading and tapering as well as grooming your sideburns. Unless you want a really short haircut, the cutting length can be adjusted in the range from 1.5 up to 15 mm by using one of the 9 extra combs in the box. There is also a handy case for storing the accessories included in the box. Lithium batteries provide 40 minutes of operation after 4 hours of charging. This might seem as not very long run time, however, given how easily the tool glides over the hair it will be more than enough to create a few haircuts for men. When the battery runs low, there is a quick charge feature – it only takes 10 minutes and provides one minute of cordless operation, enough to finish the job.

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