Acrylic Nail Kits – Manicure Extension and Forms

Acrylic Nail Kits – Manicure Extension and Forms are the end result of combining acrylic powder polymer with acrylic liquid monomer. It is a lengthy procedure to create acrylic nails and involves using a good quality natural hair acrylic nail brush or synthetic hair acrylic nail brush. Using the nail brush a bead of acrylic is created by dipping the brush in both the acrylic liquid and the acrylic powder. The bead is then placed on the nail and formed by the acrylic nail brush into the beginning of an acrylic nail. Typically at least three beads are required but this depends. The advantage of acrylic nail kits is that they do not need a LED UV nail lamp to cure. They set quite well at room temperature. The the acrylic nails can be buffed, top coated and left as they are, especially if a coloured acrylic product has been applied or apply a standard nail polish or lacquer or gel nail polish. Remember that gel nail polish is relatively easy to apply but needs to be hardened under a UV or LED nail lamp.

There is no need to use any UV or LED nail equipment when creating acrylic nails. All that is required for an acrylic nail kit is acrylic nail powder, acrylic nail liquid, acrylic nail brush with a set of various sizes of acrylic nail brushes, making the essentials for an acrylic nail starter kit. All professional acrylic nail kits consist of the basic elements mentioned. Complete your professional nail look by topping your acrylic nails with a variety of nail art options.  Acrylic nails can also be created on the natural nail as an extension or sculptured form. Nails may be too short or just not the right shape so a form is used on the fingers and the acrylic nail beads are placed on the natural nail and the form and a new longer nail is created. This nail extension can be filed and shaped and nail art applied if required. These acrylic nail extensions can be finished with filing, buffing and painted with nail lacquer or gel nail polish. Compare prices for acrylic nail kits – manicure extension and forms below.

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About Acrylic Nail Kits – Manicure Extension and Forms

Acrylic nails can also be created on the top of false nails. Clients may require this instead of asking for nail extensions via the use of nail forms. This is down to personal preference and time. The false nails are prepared to the correct shape for the client and placed on the natural nail with nail glue. The advantage of using false nails is that they are normally the correct length and shape for the client and there is less filing for false nails than for extensions. The Acrylic nail product is placed on top of these false nails and set before being painted with nail polish or gel nail polish.

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